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Hungarian salmon will be on the market by Christmas 2024

Zalmon Ltd.’s onshore salmon farm is becoming a pioneer of the region’s salmon farming by using world-class technologies and employing internationally renowned experts. Our client’s ambition is not only selling premium quality products, but to create real value and a successful Hungarian brand.



Will you be crucified if you are not only focusing on CSR communication during a pandemic?

The communications sector is facing many challenges, and brands are practicing caution. Following the trends or acting as pioneers? How long can we maintain ethical decision making during an economic crisis? Our managing director, Dora Somlyai shared her insights on Kreatív.

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Budapart neighbourhood is outstanding not just in Budapest but all over Europe

Property Market Ltd., our client is working on the largest urban development of Budapest including a new business district. The uniqueness of the BudaPart neighbourhood lies in the harmonious combination of a human-centred neighbourhood, environmentally friendly high-tech solutions and being close to the nature everywhere.

Source: Budapart Facebook


KPMG CEO Outlook

KPMG just published its annual CEO Outlook report, our video crew visited the presentation event of the research.


New client on board

From April, 2019 Black Page is responsible for the communications support of BudaPart, one of the most ambitious real estate development projects of Budapest.

black page consulting

Energy Yearbook video

Our video team visited the KPMG Energy Yearbook’s presentation.

New recycling client on board

Loacker Holding wholly owned by Austrian Loacker Recycling GmbH, has been active in Hungary for 25 years and operates 3 recycling sites. Our agency provides Loacker PR services as of June 2018.

Interview with Dora Somlyai

‘PR is a must.’ For an in-depth insight read the interview with our managing director, Dora Somlyai on Médiapiac.

New sport in Hungary

We are thrilled to be part of the introduction of a new sport, padel to Hungary. The very first official Hungarian padel race court was opened today in Budapest.

Management buys out MET Group majority share

We are proud to be the lead advising PR team on the recent transaction of our client: Swiss-based energy trader MET Group completed a succesful management buyout. MET aims to become a leading long-term player in the consolidated European energy market.